Single pattern MOR OPTICAL visibility meter

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Reliable, robust and versatile MOR (metereological optical range) visibility measurement and fog detection.

Continuous visibility meters

VisiONE ALPHA provides continuous visibility readings and maintains excelent performace even in challenging conditions. Industry leading reliability and no need for on-field recalibration procedures.

Optical single pattern contrast technology

VisiONE ALPHA is new: our patented technology is totally different from what is conventionally used for transmissiometers, lidar backscattering or forward scattering.

Multiple Built-in gateway

VisiONE ALPHA features a 4G LTE M1 low-power modem or optionally a LoRaWAN gateway, for a energy efficient mesh networks, with up to 8 simultaneous LoRa connections and virtually no radio range limitations.

Fully autonomous

Up to 12 hours of standalone continuous work, when connected to VisiONE powerpack, even in cold weather thanks to our proven LiFePO4 battery technology. Available with multiple input voltages to cover all demanding needs.

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Engineered to be tough

VisiONE is designed using aeronautical derived materials for camera and mirrors body, high modules carbon fiber rods; machined on highest precision milling center.

No accuracy compromise

Precision optics and (optional) self calibrating laser alignment, guarantee best in class visibility data resolution.


LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) with Cat M1 and NB-IoT connection functionalities and backup connections with enhanced GPRS (eGPRS). Integrated multicostellation 5Hz GNSS and optional LoRa radio.

Inertial Measurament Unit

VisiONE is suitable for both static and dynamic application: rely on a truly smart datalogger, thanks to the on-board 9 DOF IMU and high-speed military grade micro SD-card.

AI self-cleaning system

Each mirror is equipped with a compressed-air outlet to prevent dust deposits and guarantees unaltered performance. Programmable heaters prevent mirrors from dew, while machine learning algoritms optimize power consumpition.

Optical single pattern contrast measuraments

Our patented technology provides accurate and reliable visibility measurement: each device is calibrated on site with state of art transmissiometer to guarantee ultimate precision.

Rugged 5/8″ mount

A precision CNC machined threaded mount, ensures maximum compatibility with conventional tripods, as well as durable and stable fixed installation.

Temperature compensation

We strongly believe on reliable and accurate measurements: VisiONE performs data-driven temperature compensation approach on all sensors acquisition.



  • Dimensions 126x126x142 mm
  • Weight 950 g
  • Operating Temperature -20°C - +65°C
  • Env. Protection IP65 (water and dust)


  • Autonomy 8 hrs logging, 4G
    depending on frequency rate log and connectivity
  • Battery LiFePO4 15000 mAh, 12,8 V
  • External power input 9–36 V
  • Certification CE


  • LoRa radio frequency range 868/915 MHz
  • 4G modem regions Global
  • SIM card micro-SIM
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
  • Ports military grade LEMO-T


  • Signal tracked GPS/QZSS/GLONASS
  • Frequency 5Hz


  • Sensor Sony CMOS 12,4 megapixel
  • Aperture F/1.8
  • Temperature compensation


  • Visibility Resolution 500m nominal (1km max)
  • Precision +/- 20m


  • Type 9DOF

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