Cloud services

Cloud based Dashboard

Based on the industry standard Grafana®, VisiONE is cloud ready: design your fully customized dashboards on both historical and live data streams.

Graph events rest on scheduled activities or perform your event-triggered acquisition.

Dynamic Dashboards

Create dynamic & reusable dashboards with template variables that appear as dropdowns at the top of the same dashboard.

Explore Metrics

Explore your data through ad-hoc queries and dynamic drilldown. Split view and compare different time ranges, queries and data sources side by side.

Explore Logs

Experience the magic of switching from metrics to logs with preserved label filters. Quickly search through all your logs or streaming them live.

Mobile ready

Whether you choose to connect locally, through the web-server available in each VisiONE device, or remotely, through IP/LTE connectivity from the cloud portal, the acquired data is always available, even in real-time.


Data Integrity

Availability and integrity of the data, the security of accesses, the maintenance and maintainability of each individual device, the continuous monitoring of performance, are just some of the aspects that guide our vision. For this reason, Inspicio’s services are based on secure, reliable and redundant infrastructures with scalable performance according to customer needs.


When wired IP connection is not available, VisiONE will still be able to satisfy the most demanding needs, trusting on reliable long-range LoRa® data transmission.

LoRa® is the physical layer or the wireless modulation utilized to create the long range communication link, based on chirp spread spectrum modulation, which maintains the same low power characteristics as FSK modulation but significantly increases the communication range. LoRaWAN™ defines the communication protocol and system architecture for the network.

Device gateways collect informations from nodes and upload data via high-speed LTE connections.